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I-Beam Reflector/Protector
Highway Safety Specialists i-beam reflectors

This I-Beam Reflector/Protector is a patented product that offers both reflection and protection. This piece is specially molded to slide down over the rear flange of low impact beams that support the guardrail system. This piece provies the protection of the sharp edges should a pedestrian accidentally fall on the beam. This product is an absolute musst for rest parks, running and bije paths, and any place that people come in close proximity to the sharp corners of the I-Beam.

In addition, each reflector has DOT approved 3Mm reflective tape for increased visbility in both daylight and darkness. This product is unique in that it has a dual purpose of increase hazard visibility and protecting people from serious injury.


  • Piece is molded to slide down over the flange of the beam on low impact guard rail systems.
  • Takes only seconds to install
  • Constructed of Polypropylene Copolymer with an added UV stabilizer
  • Piece can withstand repeated blows from a hammer without cracking, chipping, breaking or deforming.
  • Eliminates serious injury of pedestrians by covering the top of steel I-Beams
  • 3M DOT approved high reflective diamond grade tape in amber, white or safety orange
  • Provides increased visibility of guardrail systems
  • This material has been tested and passed ATSM tests D1508, D1238, F638, D790, D256, D570, F785, and F794.

I-Beam Reflector/Protector
HSS Guardrail Delineator

Product # 250 - 5

The guardrail delineator was designed to increase the visibility of guardrails. It is constructed of PVC with an added cold weather compound and a 10-year UV stabilizer. This product is extremely durable and has an extra long life expectancy. It can withstand the impact of snow and ice that is thrown from snow plows. We designed a product that has the durability to remain intact through the entire winter in northern climates.

The delineator has 14 sq. inches of 3M, DOT approved Diamond Grade reflective tape. If desired, it can be ordered with tape on both sides. The product is easily nailed to the wood blocking using galvanized roofing nails. On metal, the delineator can either be glued to the web of the I-Beam or screwed using self-tapping metal screws.

Special Features:

  • Offers increased visibility of guardrails
  • Reflectance area of 14 square inches
  • 3M, DOT approved diamond grade reflective tape in amber, white or construction orange
  • Available with tape either on one or both sides of delineator
  • Extremely durable PVC construction with excellent impact resistance characteristics
  • Added cold weather compound
  • UV stabilizer added
  • Installation completed in a matter of seconds
  • This material has been tested against ASTM D792, D2240, D638, D790, D256, D696, D648,D1784, D4218 and D4226


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