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Ground Mounts

ChannelGard Surface Mount Delineator
Highway Safety Specialists ChannelGard


  • Posts can be special ordered to any length you require.
  • Perfect for parking lots, islands and work zones.
  • Base is ABS plastic.
  • Unique pry bar slot on bottom of bases eases removal of base when job is finished or for quick replacement.
  • Manufactured from a specially formulated plastic compound, utilizing polymer protection and UV stabilizer.
  • Manufactured using UV protected fluorescent orange, yellow or white colors.
  • The TD5300 Surface Mount Delineators are currently available in orange, yellow or white.
  • We can manufacture this product to your desired color


Dimensions of Tube:
Heights: 18, 24, 28, 30, 36, 42 and 48 Inches.
Width: 3 and 4 inches.

Tube Colors: Fluorescent Orange, Yellow or white.

Tube Material: UV Stabilized Polymer.

Base Material: ABS

Channelgard Delineator is a two-piece design consisting of a reboundable tube and ABS base fastened together with two polymer alloy pins.

Product has molded anchor holes (2) used to bolt down the base for permanent applications.

Pry bar slot located on bottom of base eases removal of base from road surface upon job completion or for quick replacement.

Earthflex Mount Delineator
Highway Safety Specialists Earthflex mount

The EarthflexTM flexible hinge allows the delineator to absorb repeated high speed impacts. Unique WeathergardTM formula is combined with our recycled polymers to give the TD 5500 the ability to withstand the extremes of hot or cold weather, superior strength and consistently rugged performance in any traffic condition.

Simply slide the post driver down the delineator until the driver makes contact with the anchor system. Since the user is driving the post from the bottom 18 inches (unlike other ground mounts which drive from the top edge) in most soil conditions no pilot hole is necessary.

The TD 5500 EarthflexTM is currently available in white, orange and yellow. We can manufacture this product to your desired color.


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